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Burnout No More is the only action focused, personalized implementation
program of its kind that not only shows you exactly, the process to get through
burnout  - but how to easily and simply apply this knowledge into your everyday life.

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Before I Tell You All About This Life-Changing Program, Let's Talk About Who This Is Really For....

You're a dreamer with no shortage of ambition who's tired of feeling drained, overwhelmed, lost in direction and ready to build a life full of energy, excitement and purpose that allows you to impact infinitely more lives, feel a whole lot more certain and grow into the competent and confident professional you've always dreamed of becoming.

Whether You're...

a nurse, doctor, physio or another legendary health professional who's reached a very real ceiling in finding a way through burnout and knows there must be a way to feel less drained and overwhelmed.

a student wanting to build the right mindset and personal strategies to grow and develop into a confident and competent health professional.

a coach, mentor or peer support responder wanting to make a bigger difference, help more people and make a bigger impact on the lives of our valuable healthcare workforce. 

By the End of This Program You Will Have:

An actionable, step-by-step plan to making purpose led positive change to the areas of your work and life that have been impacting your overall energy levels and wellbeing (instead of spending another year feeling lost)

An understanding of the Impact that your decisions have on the people around you and how to use this knowledge to support and help more people get ahead and avoid burnout (enjoy the feeling of helping more and more people)

Joined a group of like minded, passionate and determined super humans, that not only dream, but ACT on creating a future where health professionals no longer feel like they are 'sacrificed' for the work they do

a well-being tool kit that's more equipped then a mechanics snap on toolset, where you'll have a focused set of strategies to grow and develop your personal well-being so you can handle every up and down thrown at you

Grown a level of certainty and clarity over your own personal skillset at work and developed an understanding of what steps to take to get ahead in your career (feeling confident in direction and purpose)

Cameron Tyers

Registered Nurse

"I've had my fair share of struggles working as a nurse, so working with Athol has been absolutely career and life changing. Before working with Athol, I didn't understand what burnout was or how it was affecting me but fortunately now I feel much clearer thanks to Athol's help."

Course Modules


Understanding the Road We've Been on

Here's why it pays to learn from someone who's walked a similar path - I know exactly what I would do differently before I succumbed to burnout. Prior to deep diving into what influences us as people and our personal drivers, we want to take a moment to understand what our past experiences and previous decisions can tell us.

After I'd had a period of time to sit, think and reset, I started this process of self discovery to find a way through the circulating thoughts I was having. Why was no decision I made working out? How come I continued to self sabotage my happiness and direction? With so many competing thoughts I started to have decision paralysis.  Nothing seemed to be working out, until I created this process of reflection.

This is where this module was born from.

In this module, you will learn: 

What burnout is and how it impacts us personally and professionally. "Knowledge is power, power is knowledge"

How important the process of reflection is and how to use this skill to set ourselves up for success

The power of feeling successful in changing or creating anything


Feeling The Impact

With a little understanding, and some context of what burnout means to us from module 1, we can start to dive into what factors and drivers have influenced our decisions and impacted our actions and our reactions.  

In this module, you will learn:

How important 'feeling significant' is to you both personally and professionally 

How delivering impact influences the decisions you make 

How to use this knowledge to create change in your life and help even more people 

How we can use the well-being tool 'mindfulness' to deliver more impact 


Craving Certainty

I can definitely describe how important the feeling of safety,  stability and feeling in control has on my own confidence and head space. Being ourselves from a place of uncertainty can be a frightening place, that often our subconscious mind will want to change.

In this module you will learn: 

What makes you feel safe and certain and how you can leverage this knoweldge

How you can influence and support others by making them feel safe 

How to use our breath to centralize our thoughts and control emotions


Growing for Purpose

Oooh this module is a favourite of mine and many other people I've coached. Just like a plant grows towards the sun, with the right nutrients and foundations, us as people highly value the feeling of growth. 'Growing for Purpose' is a fundamental driver that often we don't realize how important it truly is to us and the people close to us.  

In this module you will learn: 

Where you find the greatest pleasure from growing? At home or at work?

How much value you place on helping, teaching and supporting the growth of others

The skills you need to ace that job interview with a world leading Nurse Manager


Contributing More than Yourself

The feeling of being part of something greater and higher value is a driver that health professionals across the world appreciate. Knowing that we are contributing much more than ourselves, can bring a level of joy that cannot be compared. Not only does our morale lift, but the contribution we've just made has a huge impact on the person receiving our good will.

In this module you'll learn,

How important the feeling of contribution is to the decisions you make

How far contributing more than yourself can go for others

Understanding how contribution can be both positive and negative to our well-being and how to find the right balance


Choice and Free Will

Autonomy, freedom and choice are significant drivers that help many of us feel fulfilled and valued in the work we do. The learnings within this module stand alone as crucial to understanding how important variety and choice are to us as people.

In this module you'll learn:

how the drivers of autonomy, freedom and choice affect our decisions

how having variety in our lives can support other drivers and needs

How to use the knowledge in this lesson to support our well-being at work and home


Feeling The Love

The feeling of connection, love and closeness to another person, animal or object has been shown to not only improve our well-being but also extend our lives.

In this module you'll learn: 

What types of connection are the most important to you 

How you can promote connection at work, so you can help your colleagues and your patients thrive

How to find tiny moments every day to improve your connections and sense of belonging


Shine and Celebrate

Woohooo! This is the feeling behind this module and is our favourite part of the course! We are not only going to celebrate your achievement of finding out what drives you as a person, but now we'll put it into actionable plan. Using our expertise in Behaviour Design, we'll guide you through how to use this new knowledge to start making positive decisions that support what's important to you.

In this module you'll learn,

How to make positive changes to optimise your personal well-being

How to use your new learnings to help others create change in their lives

What creating an purpose led action plan really looks like


When You Enroll In This Course, You'll Get:

Burnout No More

(A $997 Value)

8 Power Packed Modules walking you through the key elements to understanding what drives you as a person and how these impact your decisions.

A 'Well-being tool kit' tailored alongside each of the module drivers to help you find what resources and tools work for you, and remove all the hassle of finding something that works. 

A complete action plan showing you how to create and implement a successful strategy to get through Burnout and prevent it from happening again. In here you'll gain the confidence to change aspects that don't align with your core drivers at work and home. 

Next level support and guidance from someone who's been in your shoes, and someone who has gotten through with a step-by-step approach. This course is about action and making change, not just talking about doing things differently. 

Questions answered via direct email with Athol to make sure you get your burning questions answered and can move forward with total clarity and confidence.

An active and highly supportive community with fellow students, founding members and Team Fwards to make sure you get unstuck in a matter of minutes instead of weeks.

A space to overcome isolation and constantly refill your motivation tank by connecting with other awesome professionals wanting to make a big difference in their life.

After the 10-weeks inside Burnout No More Community, you'll move into my "Insider's Club" Private LinkedIn group for Alumni only. 

Are you.........

Plus You'll be Backed by a Risk-Free 7-Day Guarantee

Let me say this upfront.

Burnout No More is a one of it's kind course, that's been developed for people who are passionate, excited and COMMITTED about making change in their life, safe guarding their own well-being and say "NO MORE" to Burnout.

Our community is highly-curated and filled with helpful, motivated and super-supportive members who are building the tool kit and skillset to prevent burnout within their own lives and in many others. When you join, you will be part of this special group.

Now here's the kicker.

Meaning, you'll have had the opportunity to validate whether this course will move you from feeling burnout to thriving BEFORE making a final commitment.

If you don't feel totally confident and motivated to understand what drives you and make purposeful action backed by this knowledge, simply reach out, show us you've put in the work, and we'll refund your investment.

Note: You'll need to show us that you've given this your best effort with the course content. 

Our FAQ section is currently under development so in the meantime we'd love to hear from you directly! Please hit the button below to send us an email with your questions :) 

You should give Burnout No More a 7 day risk-free shot if you're motivated by any of the following: 

You want your life back... like...
really badly. 

Whether you've been through or are currently going through burnout, you're fully aware that you don't have the mental resources, the know how, or the time to go through Burnout again.

If you're like me you'd prefer not to spend the rest of your career constantly flirting with burnout whilst trying to make your way through life.

That's why you're motivated beyond measure to invest the next few months in setting yourself up to understand what truly drives you as a person and how you can make better decision from this new found knowledge.

Athol Hann

The step-by-step process within the Burnout No More course has literally transformed my life

I've experienced first hand what it feels like to transition from the feelings and thoughts of burnout, to a place of confidence and clarity of what drives me as a person and how this impacts the decisions I make daily.

More than anything else I wanted to share that with you today. 

As a critical care and emergency nurse with over 10 years experience working in healthcare and extensive knowledge and certifications in leadership, mentorship and communication, I have had the fortunate opportunity to develop an intricate understanding of the stressors affecting health professionals working on the frontlines of healthcare. 

I share my experience above to let you know that this course is much more then a passion project but part of my own personal mission to help my colleagues and prevent the beast that is burnout. 

Should you choose to accept my invitation, I personally guarantee that these next 10 weeks starting on Wednesday 24th March will be completely and utterly life changing for you and your family. 

I look forward to meeting you personally inside Burnout No More.

ALL my best,


Find freedom away from burnout today

My hope is that this course will help you to avoid the pain of burnout I once went through. 

Athol Hann, Burnout No More founder



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